Driving Test Cheaters to Face Penalty

People who cheat on driving licence tests will be punished with a penalty of up to a three month ban from taking the test, the Road Transport Administration Department said.

The penalty scheme is aimed to decrease cheating on driving licence tests. Many people are trying to cheat on the tests without studying the traffic rules.

“The licence applicants don’t want to study but want to pass the test. Road accidents are common because drivers fail to follow the traffic rules. We will punish the offenders with up to a three month ban from taking the test,” said U Win Zaw, regional director of Road Transport Administration Department.

About 600 people take the driving test daily but the pass percentage is about 30 percent, U Win Zaw added.

Also, some people pay money to licence brokers in order to pass the test. It costs K80,000 to K120,000 to pass a test through a broker. The normal procedure costs K10,000.

There are 50 questions in driving licence (B) test and there are 100 questions for driving licence (D) and (E).

Because of road accidents, 4,263 people died in 2014 in Myanmar and approximately 11 people die from road accidents every day.

Source: Myanmar Business Today

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