Yangon too crowded

Urban development specialists say that the increasingly populated centre of Yangon is no longer suitable for more condominiums and offices with its narrow streets.
Rapid urbanisation has meant the infrastructure could not support the demands of the rising population.
“Ever since British rule, the size of roads was based on the number of inhabitants. Some roads cannot be expanded for more high-rise buildings, increasing traffic. It will cause chaos,” said an urban development analyst.
The government seems to share the same concerns.
“No more condos in the downtown area should be built. There is a limit how much basic infrastructure, roads and services, such as rubbish clearing, can support. Housing is still being built but the demands are getting close to being overbearing,” said the retired deputy director Myint Swe from the Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development.
“The streets are already too narrow to support the current situation. There is building work right next to junctions which will cause traffic chaos. Just because a space is available does not mean it should be built on. All building work should stop in the central business district,” said Myint Swe.

Source: ELEVEN

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