Bed and breakfast programme debuts in Myanmar

KAYIN State in Myanmar has become the country’s first state to offer a bed and breakfast (B&B) programme, in reaction to the area’s growing popularity.

The state government has so far approved six of seven applications to open B&B lodgings in Thandaunggyi, a colonial-era hill station located in northern Kayin State..

“This is being implemented to cater to the increasing number of tourist arrivals to the state,” said Win Kyaw, head of the hotels and tourism department in Kayin State, adding that the B&B licenses are subject to yearly renewals.

The manager of Grace for Grace Bed and Breakfast Guest House in Thandaunggyi, who declined to be named, said: “Last December we witnessed the biggest number of tourists and found guest house shortages. But now we have more guest houses here. Each guest house have eight rooms and costs between US$8 to US$32 each.”

The Kayin State government has been a strong advocate of B&B programmes as it encourages tourism and opens up business opportunities for remote communities.

According to the ministry of hotels and tourism, Kayin State received 69,999 foreign visitors in 2015 and 53,681 in 2014.


Source: TTG Asia

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