Ministry surveys Dagon Seikkan land for rental housing

The Ministry of Construction is surveying land in Yangon’s Dagon Seikkan township near Yuzana Garden City housing complex, with a view to building the city’s largest rental housing project to date, an official told The Myanmar Times.

If the ministry deems the land suitable for development, it will call a tender for private contractors, said U Yu Khaing, director at the Department of Urban and Housing Development.

The project would be Yangon’s largest rental housing project. Plans show each apartment will be 200 square feet including bathrooms.

“They are beginning the land surveys now. This is not a low-cost project. The apartments will be for rent, but they will be affordable and we will develop a rental payment system,” said U Yu Khaing.

“The land is ready to build on, so we can carry out the project quickly. This project will be twice the size of the Mahabandoola rental housing under development in South Dagon.”

This development includes 1200 apartments for rent at K30,000 per month. The local township administration has received tens of thousands of applications, prompting the construction ministry to seek more land for new developments.

Much of the government-owned land around Yangon is inhabited by illegal residents. Forced evictions around the outskirts of the city have intensified in recent months, leaving hundreds homeless. While the government is trying to tackle the problem and provide adequate low-cost housing, it is constrained by tight budgets and a lack of land.

To meet the growing need for rental housing, it is important to continue building new projects, said U Yu Khaing. As with the Mahabandoola project, Yangon Region government will be responsible for assigning units and setting the rental fees for the new development in Dagon Seikkan.

Any residents found renting units on at higher prices will be evicted, he said.

Applications from former government staff and the general public will be assessed equally, U Kyaw Soe, Yangon Region minister for forestry and energy told The Myanmar Times.

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Source: Myanmar Times

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