Yangon opens first water theme park


Yangon’s first water theme park, the Yangon Waterboom, held its opening ceremony on the morning of 28 February.

The ceremony was attended by the chief minister of Yangon, Yangon’s mayor, officials from the Yangon City Development Committee, as well as guests from embassies and the United Nations, business owners and local celebrities.

The park will be open daily to the public starting from 2 March and feature over 20 attractions, including an outbound area, a futsal soccer court, an international-grade restaurant, a beauty salon, as well as a souvenir store.

All visitors to the park must wear appropriate attire for water-based attractions.

“We have a permanent 50-per cent discount for pregnant women, senior citizens and the disabled. All visitors who have paid the entry fee can enjoy any of the available attractions from 9am until 8pm. The utmost precautions have been taken for the safety of our visitors. We will always clean up the park when it closes for the day, and there will be weekly maintenance on the integrity of our attractions. The waters used in our park is up to international standards for cleanliness,” said Kiwi Aliwarga, CEO of the UMG Group of Myanmar Companies.

The park was built by Media One Co Ltd, a subsidiary of the UMG Group.


Source: Eleven Media

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