Foreigners eligible to apply for motorcycle licences in Dawei

Foreigners residing and working within Myanmar’s southern Tanintharyi Region for a long period of time are eligible to apply for a regional motorcycle license, according to the Road Transport Administration Department.

It is known that those foreign travellers staying within the region for a period of over fifteen days can apply for a motorcycle license, but those staying for a only a few days are not eligible.

“We have permitted the granting of vehicle licenses [to foreigners]. It’s principally for

those who have come to work [in the Tanintharyi Region]. We will not permit licenses for brief three or four day visits. Long term residents and those working [in the region] are eligible to apply.” Said U Kyaw Sein, Road Transportation Administrator for Taninthari Region.

The aforementioned department is currently receiving vehicle license applications, with local vehicle licenses being issued to foreigners with international driving licenses. It is known that the relevant business, company or organization, to which the applicant is affiliated, are responsible for the actions of the applicant.

“There are many foreigners that come here for short trips.  Since there are many expenses involved in returning to Thailand to renew their [Myanmar] visa once it’s expired, it would be difficult for them to be issued with a motorcycle license. The foreigners say that it would be good if they could extend their visa from here [within the country].” said Daw Aye Aye Mya, clerk of the Dawei branch of the Department for Hotels and Tourism.

U Kyaw Sein also stated that the government is working slowly, but steadily, to ease up previous restrictions on travel for foreigners within the region, for should they act in a restrictive manner on such issues as offering vehicle licenses to foreigners, it could see the start of a decline to the burgeoning numbers of tourists to the region in recent years.

Foreigners that have come to work in the Tanintharyi Region capital of Dawei are issued with a maximum three month duration business visa.

Source: Global New Light of Myanmar

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