Japanese businessman buy Myanmar breadfruit

Breadfruit (Artocerpus altilis) is gaining popularity among Japanese businessmen because of its alleged medicinal properties.  Some believe it brings prosperity to those who eat it.

“Japanese buyers buy tonnes of breadfruit powder because they believe it can alleviate obesity. The fruit can also be cooked with pork to make a delicious dish. This fruit is similar to jackfruit, but it is more delicious than jackfruit.   Japanese businessmen came to the farm and advised the farmers to grow more,” said U Han Zaw Myint, a breadfruit researcher.

Breadfruits with seeds, which are rarer, are said to have greater medicinal properties than those without.  Breadfruit trees tend to grow less than 2,000 feet above the sea level in places with high rainfall. They grow well in equatorial climates.  It originated in the South Pacific before spreading to the rest of Oceania and beyond.

Some foreign-owned hotels grow breadfruit trees as decorations.  They have been cultivated in Myanmar just in the last three years.  The fruit can be used as an animal feed and grows on shady trees.

Source: Global New Light of Myanmar

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