Myeik merchants seek direct export access

Merchants in Myeik are seeking avenues to exporting goods directly to other countries rather than doing so via Thailand and Malaysia, sources say.

“The Thai authorities and some merchants from the Ranong Port came last week and talked about accessing international markets through their port. But we need direct exports because the EU has sanctioned Thailand’s marine industry. Their marine exports depend mainly on Myeik. They bring goods from Myeik and keep them in Ranong for a while before exporting them to other countries. This is how Thailand distributes Myeik products to the international market. We want a direct access to the international market to earn more revenue,” said Htay Htay Win, the director of the International Fish Auction Market.

Thai exporters offer shipping and container services. They export fishery products, fish powder and raw rubber using cargo ships.

“The ASK Company exports fish products to Malaysia. Some other companies export fish meal and rubber raw materials. About 50 to 60 containers are shipped each month. If the finished products are packaged here and the international buyers purchase them in Myeik, more containers will be shipped,” a merchant told the deputy director general at the Ranong Port.



Source: Eleven Myanmar


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