Flyma launch travel portal for small tour operators

Flymya, has expanded access of its services to include small-scale tour operators. The move aims to help smaller tour companies compete against larger agencies as Myanmar’s tourism industry continues to mature. Through Flymya’s new service, small tour companies and independent business owners can upload tour itineraries, packages and services to the Flymya site for 0 to 3% commission fees.

In exchange, those companies have immediate access to Flymya’s users, can offer visitors a wide range of services and can directly collect payments from clients through the Flymya portal. Officially, there are 1906 licensed local tour companies operating in Myanmar,

39 of which are joint venture operations. The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism estimates that 18 percent of tourists arrive on package tours, leaving a huge percentage of the market open to smaller, independent operators.

Larger companies often pitch their services abroad using social media and webpages, while small-scale tour operators – spread throughout downtown Yangon or Mandalay – count on foot traffic and occasional online interest to draw customers in.

Flymya’s portal changes the game, said Flymya CEO Mike Than Tun Win. The goal is to foster grassroots entrepreneurship and connect independent, international travelers with a broader variety of services. “We will have the widest assortment of tour packages in Myanmar,” Mike Than Tun Win said.

“With smaller businesses being given the opportunity to use our website as a sounding board to potential customers, we aim to help smaller enterprises offering competitive and localised deals to have their voices heard.”’s service will provide small tour operators assistance onboarding their content in the first few months to familiarize them with the system and the payment process.

Tour operators will be able to collect their payments within two days of a customers’ purchase. Visits to Myanmar increased from 2 million in 2012, to over 4 million in 2015, according to statistics from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Projections for tourist arrivals, by the ministry, are 7.5 million by 2020. Flymya is Myanmar’s largest one stop shop for domestic air tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals supplying travellers with itinerary plans and packages. The user-friendly site has blogs and destination information to assist independent travellers with up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of Myanmar and its diverse destinations.


Source: Flymya Press Release

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