Agarwood set to make a comeback in Myanmar

THE Myanmar Agarwood Producers and Exports Association (MAPEA) has announced that agarwood products will be sold from the end of this month in a bid to create a new market for the production and trade of agarwood within Myanmar.

Agarwood bangles and bead necklaces from abroad are entering the Myanmar market, but the majority of agarwood entrepreneurs within the country are focused on agarwood essential oils, uncut wood and other products that can be made from the wood.

“We’re still in the process of selecting the best wood carvers. We’ve tasked them with carving agarwood, giving them hints as to where the resin lies within the wood. They’ve only just got underway, so they’re not used to carving [with agarwood] yet. By the end of May, the wooden products will be finished,” said U Kyaw Htun Win, chair of the MAPEA.

Areas of the agarwood where resin has congealed are incorporated into the carver’s design, while the value of the finished product depends on the quantity of resin within the wood, according to people in the industry.

“The agarwood market is sure to improve from here on out. Agarwood cultivators will become involved [in the process], too. The most well-known foreign market for agarwood is currently China. We would have a great opportunity to expand our market if we could produce finished agarwood products within our country,” said U Nay Lin Aung, an agarwood plantation owner.

Carved agarwood products can only be produced from agar trees that have matured for 10 to 15 years.—Myitmakha News Agency

Source: Myitmakha News Agency

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