Sturgeons to be exported to Asia, EU markets

STURGEON breeding in Myanmar will be expanded by over 50 per cent of its current capacity with a view to export sturgeons to Asian and European markets, said U Han Tun, the executive vice president of the Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF).

Sturgeons are receiving higher demand from European and Asian countries. Sturgeons must mature for three years before being suitable for sale. In order to meet market demand, sturgeon breeding is required to be boosted by over 50 per cent, he said.

In sturgeon breeding, local sturgeon fingerlings will be kept for the domestic market, and those imported from Thailand and Viet Nam will be sent to the Europe export market when they mature.

Previously, rohu was mostly exported to Asian markets, and sliced rohu was sold in European markets. Now, sturgeon will be exported to both Asia and Europe, and the volume of fishery products exports is expected to rise.—Chanko

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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