Breeding of edible nest swiftlets thriving in Myeik

WITH the price of edible birds’ nests rising, the number of breeders of edible nest swiftlets (Collocalia fuciphaga) has increased along Kanna Road in Myeik Township.

Edible nest swiftlets are induced into making nests using bird-noise techniques at houses along the Strand Road in Myeik. This breeding business has become popular in the region, and many breeders are thriving, said breeders.

“Previously, we had to find nests on the walls of the mountain. Later, the experimental breeding at the houses achieved success, allowing breeders to earn handsome profits,” said U Ngwe Maung, a businessman who breeds swiftlets.

“Two types of nests are sold at the market: those from islands and those collected from breeding houses. The edible nest swiftlets naturally make their nests here without the use of imitated voice. The price of nests ranges from K1.6 million to K2 million per viss, depending on the variety and quality of the nest,” said U Maung Maung Oo from Kanna Road in Myeik.

However, the prevailing price of the nests from the islands can reach K6 million for 10 ticals after purification, while the price of nests from houses along Kanna Road is K800, 000 for 10 ticals.

“To maintain the ecosystem of the islands, two islands in Myanmar’s marine territory have been designated as sanctuaries.

The period of collecting lasts around three months a year, up to the first week of November.

The period for working permits is up to the end of November,” said U Tin Thein, the director of the Forestry Department of Taninthayi Region.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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