Myanma Timber Enterprise Invitation for tender. Closing Date: 27 May 2016

Myanma Timber Enterprise
Export Marketing & Milling Department
Invitation for Open Tender
Myanma Timber Enterprise will sell Teak & Hardwood Round Logs and Sawn Timbers by open tenders in Us Dollars. Particulars of The Open Tender Sales are as follows:

Date & Time(27-5-2016) (12;00)Noon
(30-5-2016) (13;00)Pm
Commodities &VolumeTeak Logs (571)Tons
Teak Conversion (294) Tons
Hard Wood Logs
·       Padauk Logs About (12 )Tons
·       Pyinkado / In / Kanyin About (6599)Tons
PlaceTaw Win Hall, Gyogone, Insein Township,


For further detailed information please contact :

Myanma Timber Enterprise Head Office and also visit Myanma Timber Enterprise Web-Site:
Contacts Office Ph: 01528771,


Open Tinder Committee

Myanma Timber Enterprise

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