Open Tender for Gems, Jade & Pearl at 53rd Myanmar Gems Emporium. Registration start 1st June 2016.

Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Central Committee for Holding Myanma Gems Emporium

The Announcement of Fifty-Third Myanmar Gems Emporium

  1. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, Central Committee for Holding Myanma Gems Emporium will hold the Fifty-Third Myanmar Gems Emporium at the Maniradana Jade Hall in Nay Pyi Taw from 24th June, 2016 to 6th July, 2016.
  2. Rough jade, rough gems, cut and polished gemstones, finished products, jewelries, pearls of gems quality, carvings, sculptures, gems pictures and gold and silver wares which are produced in Myanmar will be on display and sold in Euro currency at the Emporium.
  3. Jade lots, Gems lots and pearl lots are set at the reserve prices and will be sold through the open tender system and competitive bidding system as follows:- Sr. Description Open Tender Competitive Bidding system as follows:-
Sr.DescriptionOpen Tender
Reserve price (Euro)
Competitive Bidding
Reserve price (Euro)
(a)Gems500 to 20,00020,001 and above
(b)Jade4,000 to 200,000200,001 and above
(c)Pearl1,000 to 10,00010,001 and above


  1. Except those who were blacklisted for their default in the previous Emporiums, foreign buyers eligible for the following qualifications will be granted admission to the Emporium:-
    1. The invited person with the invitation card by the Emporium Central Committee;
    2. The person who received the invitation card from the Foreign Jade Associations;
    3. The person who received the invitation card from the respective Embassies and Consulate Generals;
    4. Those foreign buyers will be permitted to bid on the lots up to twenty times the minimum deposit paid by the types of gemstones. The minimum deposit to be paid and the amount permitted to bid are as follows:-
Sr.TypeDeposit to be paidPermitted amount to bid
(i)Gems€10,000€ 200,000
(ii)Jade€ 50,000€ 1,000,000


  1. For those who plan to bid over the amount permitted by the minimum deposit, the 5% deposit of the anticipated purchases will be required to put into the Account No. EEM 400034 opened with the Myanma Economic Bank (Nay Pyi Taw) by the name of Central Committee of 53rd Emporium (Deposit), not later than the following deadline:-
Sr.DescriptionBidding SystemDate
iGemsOpen Tender/Competitive Bidding26.6.2016
iiJadeOpen Tender27.6.2016
Competitive Bidding3.7.2016


  1. Starting on 13th June, 2016, Registration Body will provide foreign merchants who have paid deposit with the Entrance cards issuing services at the Merchants Registration Office in Maniradana Jade Hall.
  2. Starting on 1st June 2016, Application Forms for admission to Emporium will be available for download at in order to be filled up ahead, and for those who are desirous of submitting applications via online, arrangements have been made to enable the submission of application through the Online Preregistration system at the website address of Myanmar Gem Enterprise, The following information will be required to make the Entrance Card:-
    1. Name, Position and Passport Number;
    2. National Scrutiny Card Number (Passport Issuing Country);
    3. Photocopy of passport;
    4. Two passport photos taken within one month;
    5. Complete contact information, Phone No., Fax. No. and E-mail;
    6. Admission fee (U.S. dollar)
  3. Buyers shall settle payment for their purchases before the payment deadline as prescribed in the Sale Agreement. For those who are desirous of bringing their fully paid purchased lots along with them during the course of Emporium, the necessary arrangements have been made to enable so.
  4. Shipment of fully paid purchased lots to the buyer will be made on the EX Works basis on which Emporium Central Committee will be responsible for loading the items onto the Transportation Vehicles from the Emporium Hall and office works while the buyers themselves or their authorized representatives will be held liable for the remaining shipping processes.
  5. For more information and further assistances, please feel free to contact us at:
    1. Phone no. +95 67 414498
    2. Fax no. +95 67 414497
    3. E-mail address
    4. Central Committee for Holding Myanma Gems Emporium

Source: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation

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