Germany to buy dried tea leaves from Myanmar

Myanmar will begin exporting dried tea leaves to Germany from November this year. Germany requested to begin purchasing the product in February this year according to U Kyaw Thiha, Vice Chairman of the Myanmar Tea Association.
The set price of the trade is Ks15,000 (US$12) per 1.5kg. Pintaya Township, a part of the Tea Association, will lead export to Germany.
The local wholesale price of dried tea leaves varies from Ks5,500 (US$4) to Ks6,000 ($US5) per 1.5kg. It is only when wholesale prices drop to Ks3,500 (US$3) – Ks4,000 (US$3.5) when wholesale export prices drop.
Myanmar is gearing up the market for export to Germany with manufacturing machines ready to go.
It is rare to find a country that wishes to import dry and un dried tealeaves interested in tea leaves. The demand from Germany is promising for the tea market.
“We will try to extend markets in the coming years,” said U Kyaw Thiha.     Currently, there are roughly seven tea leaf plantations in Myanmar. Myanmar Tea Association will assist in the manufacturing process, from farming to packaging.


Source: The Global New Light Of Myanmar

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