Info-Zone Farming Network pushes for contract farming

An Info-Zone Farming Network will introduce contract farming, contractual agreements with foreign countries for the export of crops into Myanmar in a bid to develop the farming sector. Contract farming is a system where companies provide farmers technology and seeds to grow crops and once they are harvested, the company sells the crops.
In a bid to implement a contract farming system in Myanmar, the Info-Zone Farming Network will distribute themselves to begin a market.
“The focus is on developing Myanmar’s agricultural sector irrespective of government support or not. We’re trying to push the development of farmers between themselves with the contract farming system,“ said Ko Kyaw Htin Gyi from Info-Zone Farming Network.
Info-Zone Farming Network signed a contract with both Thailand and India in May this year for the cultivation of chemical-free chillies during 2016, while a contractual agreement has also been made with a Japanese Taro Processing Facility for the cultivation of chemical-free Japanese Taro.
“For the time being, the contract for Japanese Taro has been signed for Naypyidaw and Shan State. Contracts don’t exist for the flow of normal domestic trade,” said Ko Myo Zaw from Info-Zone Farming Network.
“Contract farming allows for, not only a higher profit margin, but to know the requirements of other countries. One can learn the technical side of things whilst adhering to the needs of the customer.”
Development between farmers through a contract farming system can allow farmers to understand the requirements of not just their own domestic market, but international markets too. It also gives farmers the opportunity to learn a diverse range of new technologies and foreign cultivation methods.
Info-Zone Farming Network is an organisation formed online through the connection of crop growers, those involved in the fertilizer industry; market and technical experts, together with investors. It’s an organisation that creates low-cost agricultural equipment for farmers.—Myitmakha News Agency


Source: The Global New Light Of Myanmar


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