Mango growers need agricultural certificate to enter international market

MANGO growers need to obtain agricultural certificate to help prove the quality of their products to enter the international market, local farmers say.
The country has received a greater interest from Japan, Korea, Australia and the U.S, said Ma Zin Mar Than of Myanmar Fruits, Flower, Vegetable Producer and Exporter Association.
Exporters say, nearly 10,000 tonnes of mangoes have been exported to Yangon market per year. They distribute around 40,000 tonnes of quality mangoes to partner countries a year.
Over 200 varieties of mangoes thrive in Myanmar. Mango plantations have been developed on about 77,00 hectare which produce over 440,000 matrix tonnes per annum.
Exporters normally receive between US$800 and $1,200 per tonne of large sized mangoes weighting 600 grams per package and $1,000 for middle sized mangoes weighting 350 grams per package and $500 for small ones weighting 350 grams per package. Myanmar exports the Seintalone (Diamond solitaire Mango) and Shwehintha, popular varieties of native mango, mainly to China, Thailand and Singapore.
Those kinds of perennial crop originate in some townships in Mandalay Region including Myittha and Kyaukse townships.


Source: Global New Light Of Myanmar

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