Low-cost apartments in Dagon Seikkan and Hlaingthaya to be sold at the end of July

A TOTAL of 2,200 low-cost apartments in Yuzana estate, Dagon Seikkan Township and Shwe Lin Pan Industrial Zone in Hlaingthaya Township will be sold at the end of July, with a price of around K12 million per apartment, it has been learned from the Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development.

Seventy per cent of these apartments will be sold by the Yangon region government whereas 30 per cent will be sold by the Union government to government staff and the general public. Only those who have already applied will be considered. 18-square-foot community housing will be rented to the people in Hlaingthaya, Dagon Seikkan and South Dagon Township within two years.

The government has a plan to build up to one million apartments, 80 per cent of which will be built by private companies whereas 20 per cent will be built by the government

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