Car showrooms without permit to have actions taken

Car showrooms allegedly making sales without a permit will be dealt with through legal action, it is learnt.
Although there are about 200 car sale centers with permits, some car sale centers are alleged to be making sales without a permit. Therefore, inspection teams will check automobile sale centers to see if if they obey the prescribed procedures, it is learnt. Some car showrooms have sought permission to open sale centers but have not yet been granted a permit. In this event, the authorities will allow these car centers to stay open.
If some car centers are caught to make a sale without seeking permission, they will have actions taken against them, said the official from the Ministry of Commerce.
The car sale centers that are not in accordance with the prescribed rules will have to comply within a limited time period.
Japanese-made cars were mostly imported for display at car sale centers. But starting last year, some car sale centers are also displaying cars manufactured by other foreign countries.


Source: The Global New Light Of Myanmar

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