Myanma Port Authority Expression of Interest to conduct channel development project for Yangon river.

  1. The Myanma Port Authority under the Ministry of Transport and Communication has been trying to implement 5 Year channel development project for Yangon River. In order to cooperate and participate in the project, Myanma Port Authority is going to invite to interested parties.
  2. As far as interested parties, it may propose the plan and measure for 5 Year based on the following to Myanma Port Authority

(a) Outer Bar channel improvement and maintenance job on the recommended track of outer bar area;

(i) Dredging Area – About 3.0 Nautical Mile along the recommended track

(ii) Controlling Depth – At least 5 Meter

(iii) Width of Channel (Straight line) – At least 0.3 Nautical Mile

(iv) Width of Channel (At Turning Point) – At least 0.45 Nautical Mile

(b) Inner Bar channel improvement and maintenance job

(i)Length of Channel Line – About 1.1 Nautical Mile (6600’)

(ii) Controlling Depth – At least 4.7 Meter

(iii) Width of Channel (Straight line) – At least 0.05 Nautical Mile (300’)

(iv) Width of Channel (At the Turning Point) – 0.075 Nautical Mile (450’)

(c) Improvement of related channel

(i) Although it can maintain the controlling depth (CD), the obstacles (such as shallow water and ground) which unexpectedly occur around the channel through inner bar and outer bar must be removed by dredging.

(ii) It must conduct maintaining and dredging to be sufficient depth and width of channel by both site negotiation depend on situation.

(d) Disciplines for operation

(i) must be dredging according to the design with relevant vertical horizontal ratio and gradient for the soil stability.

(ii) must be the best model design for long term maintenance system against sedimentation.

(iii) in any time it must be able to dredge, if decline controlling depth.

(iv) it must be taking into account for environmental protection.

(e) Documents that shall be attached

(i) experience and profile of company, name of physician and certificate.

(ii) kind of company (local Representative, Joint and so on)

(iii) last audited annual report.

  1. Joint activities with Myanma Port Authority for the purpose of cost reduction shall be mentioned.
  2. Interested parties can take out application form of EoI from Marine Department, Myanma Port Authority, No (10) Pansodan Street, Yangon by registering on 16 September 2016 and must submit with a set of origin and copy (including Soft copy).
  3. Operation area map shall be attached with application form and if you want to know detail information, will contact to U Aung Kyaw Htoo (MA) 01246380, Dr Myo Nyein Aye (DGM) 01391272 and U Aung San Win (HMS) 01384471

EOI is just for inviting to interested parties and aim to RFP preparation, not concerned with contract.

Source: Myanmar Port Authority

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