Drone importers need to ask for NRC and address of purchasers

Drone importers need a copy of the national registration card (NRC) and the full address of their customers, said U Nay Lin Tun, the township administrator of Lashio.

“If something happens concerning the flying drones, the contact information of the purchasers will help you connect with them. Additionally, it can help you inform the nearest authorities concerned if there is some dishonest use of the flying drone,”, he added.

There should be no concern as long as users are in accordance Drone importers need to ask for NRC and address of purchasers with the prescribed laws when they use drones to film documentaries or take photos. But some dishonest people can exploit the drone to threaten and harm the security of the public, such as carrying explosives on the drone, U Nay Lin Tun said.

No stores in Lashio sell drones, but they are regularly brought in from China and Yangon. Collecting the data of the buyers will be difficult, because the drones are bought from other places. Therefore, another idea is required to come up with to monitor the purchasers of the drone, said Ko Than Tun, a drone user in Lashio.

To prevent dangers caused by the drones in Lashio, authorities from Lashio and sellers of electric goods met on 26th September.

“The meeting aims to control the use of drones to ensure the security of the locals. We have received the opinions from the locals concerning the drones”, said the administrator of Lashio.

“The authorities worry that the drones will threaten the public because of the ongoing conflicts in the surrounding areas. Therefore, the public’s cooperation is also a must have in order to protect from the damages caused by the flying drones”, said U Hlaing Htoo, a local in Lashio.

“We should not totally neglect the use of the drones because some are waiting to take advantage on drone to harm people”, he added.

Source: Global New Light of Myanmar

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