YHT publishes new plan to rejuvenate Yangon

The Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT) released on September 27 its new plan to rejuvenate Yangon by conserving its heritage sites and modernising its infrastructure to make it “Asia’s most livable city”.

The plan includes maps, descriptions and opinions on preserving Yangon’s heritage places and strategies for long-term development. The plan includes 24 projects, including expanding green spaces and upgrading road systems in downtown Yangon to make the city a hub for international art and culture.

Dr Thant Myint U, chairman of YHT said: “It is not a major city plan. That kind of plan has to be implemented by the government. We have joined the ideas and advice of local and overseas experts, government, people from the business sector and Yangon residents together in the plan. It will help the government and provide a basis for discussion.”

“Yangon is Myanmar’s most important business hub, and the future of Yangon will affect the future of the country. Members of the Myanmar government have said developing Yangon correctly will have the power to transform Myanmar. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop Yangon, and this requires strategic planning,” he said.

Dr Thant Myint U continued: “The decisions on how to shape Yangon over the next few months will have effects that will last to the end of the 21st century. We have to link the old and new to make Yangon an important city in the region. We have to preserve cultural heritage sites along with modernising Yangon. This is a key point to attract investments and experts to create Yangon with new dreams.”

Moe Moe Lwin, the vice chairperson and director of YHT said: “The strategy will help bring the future of the Yangon down the right path. It highlights the value and benefit of preserving cultural heritage. There will be many economic and social benefits from preserving the unique characteristics of the city along with taking opportunities to develop it in long term.”


Source: Eleven Myanmar

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