People Can Veto Power Plant: Energy Boss

According to energy ministry’s permanent deputy secretary San Yu, the highly controversial coal-fired Tijit power plant in southern Shan State, will not be restarted if the people oppose it.

“The Tijit power plant is still shut down and the project’s fate depends on what the people want. It will not be forced,” said San Yu.

A Chinese company, Wuxi Hua Guang Electric Power Engineering, has signed a long-term lease for the plant, creating worries that the project will be


State newspapers said the company had been hiring staff and running environmental and social impact assements.

The coal power station is equipped to produce up to 120 megawatts by using low-grade lignite coal.

Myanmar is planning to increase the electricity generated by coal-fired power plants by 2030 to meet 29.6 per cent of overall demand, amid growing concerns among environmentalists over health risks.

Coal-powered plants could harm nervous, respiratory and cardiac systems and cause many diseases, according to a US survey.
It was found that women living near coal-fuelled power plants were likely to suffer more from miscarriages, deliver underweight babies with lower intelligence and higher rates of mortality.


Source: Eleven Myanmar

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