New Housing Project At Hlegu in The Pipeline

A new urban area comprising residential apartments and shopping centres will be implemented at Hlegu Township in the outskirts of Yangon to provide grassroots level people with affordable housing, according to the Ministry of Construction.

Maharmate Kyal Group, a local developer, in partnership with the Ministry of Construction, is expected to implement the housing project this year.

“The plan aims to develop the living standards of the grassroots level people. If there are many housing projects like this people’s lifestyle will improve, reducing insufficient living place problem,” Director of Urban and Hosing Development Department of Ministry of Construction, U Yu Khaing, told Myanmar Business Today.

Due to rapid urbanisation and exorbitant rental prices in Yangon low-income people have been driven out of city centres, causing migrants from rural areas to become squatters in poor living conditions.

Projects such as the one in Hlegu are seen as a solution for the squatters problem by providing them living space in the outskirts of the city, which his home to more than 5 million people.

The Hlegu project area is about 14,000 acres, where 3,000 squatters are currently living. The authorities said they will start removing the squatters prior to implementing the project.

“We start removing the squatters from the project area. After that, we will launch the project,” Director U Yu Khaing said.


Source: Myanmar Business Today


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