Export value of mineral and industrial finished products slumped by over US$500million

Out of seven export groups, the export value of minerals and manufacturing goods as of 7th October experienced a decrease when compared to the similar period of the previous fiscal year, it is learnt from the Ministry of Commerce.

The export value of minerals as of 7th October in this fiscal year was US$ 458.162 million, which was down from US$739.231 million in the same period last year. In the similar period, the export value of finished industrial goods was US$2,813.373 million, which slumped by US$3,042.684 million.

In the mineral products sector, the export volume of jade and jewelry decreased. In the finished industrial goods sector, the decline in export volume was attributed to the losses suffered in state-owned industrial enterprises, it is learnt.

The total export volume of minerals and manufacturing goods in this fiscal year was over US$3,200million, while that of the previous fiscal year was over US$3,700million, it is learnt from the Commerce Ministry.

Source: Global New Light of Myanmar

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