Real-Time Traffic Lights Installed at Ten Locations

REAL-time traffic lights are currently being installed, connected with a control centre in ten places in Mandalay by the Mandalay City Development Committee in cooperation with Dream Light Technology Co.Ltd, according to the MCDC.
The project began in October, 2016 and is expected to be completed in March, 2017. Currently, an official from road and bridge department and an engineer from Dream Light Technology Co.Ltd are conducting field inspections before installing the lights.
The ten traffic lights will be installed on the main road and junction road. The estimated cost of the whole project is K1.1 billion. The project aims to reduce congestion.
The real-time traffic light will be fixed at 35×77 junction, 35×73 junction, 35×66 junction,35×62 junction, 30×78 junction, 30×73 junction, 30×66 junction,30×62 junction, 26×73 junction, 26×66 junction over the 2016-2017 finical year, according to the MCDC.


Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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