Survey aims to improve country’s farming businesses

A survey to get exact information about crop production will be conducted in over 300 townships across the country, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.

As part of its programme to promote the country’s agriculture sector, the new study will be conducted by the ministry in cooperation with the Myanmar Rice Federation on a national scale.

The research will be the largest observation focusing only on development of a wide variety of crops in the country.
Some growers say that they are facing difficulties to make a healthy profit from selling their products because of heavy agricultural expenses and an input problem.

The new survey will help policy makers, entrepreneurs and growers settle the problem of how to make money from the sale of quality products.

Agriculture is the major industry in Myanmar, employing over 60 per cent of the labour force. The country is also recognized as Asia’s largest exporter of rice, which remains the main staple food of the Myanmar people.

Local growers mostly cultivate crops including beans and pulses, sesame, groundnuts, sugarcane and other marketable crops.

Source: Global New Light of Myamar

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