Buses from China and South Korea to arrive in mid December

Buses ordered from China and South Korea to run in public bus lines will arrive in mid December, it is learnt from the All Private Bus Lines Control Committee.

To gear up for public bus lines, a fleet of 210 buses from China and 202 buses from South Korea were purchased under contract. The buses are 2006-2007 models. The publicly owned bus lines are slated to begin in early 2017. The old buses will be replaced with the new ones to facilitate the public transportation in Yangon, said Dr. Maung Aung, the secretary of Yangon Transport Authority.

Additionally, there are over 100 buses which have been repaired. A proposal to run nine routes with over 500 buses has been already submitted to the Yangon Region government.

If the plan goes well, Yangon Transport Authority will supervise the public bus lines. Currently, there are over 350 bus lines which will be reduced down to about 60.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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