Over 120 CCTVs to be installed across Mandalay next year

TO PREVENT crime and help investigation of criminal cases in the region, Mandalay Region authorities plan to instal over 120 new closed-circuit television cameras next year, a police spokesperson said.

Plans are underway to install the CCTV cameras, considered a very useful investigative tool, at 56 strategic locations in Mandalay, one of largest cities in Myanmar, according to the Mandalay Region Police Station.

Details of the new scheme have been submitted to the region’s chief minister.

The exact installation dates and locations have not yet been fixed for the government’s programme, a police officer said, elaborating that the major goal of expanding installation of CCTVs is to reduce crime and promote public safety.

With the assistance of China, Myanmar’s largest neighbor, authorities have installed 40 CCTV cameras at 20 locations in downtown Mandalay over the past few years. Thanks to the recordings of the cameras, police have made numerous successful investigations in traffic accident cases, he said.

The new plan will cover installation of CCTVs not only along main roads but also on the byways, as the majority of criminal cases occur on smaller roads and side streets. The authorities monitor downtown Mandalay with the aid of CCTV at the Police Command Centre (PCC) 24 hours a day.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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