Highly Inflow of CP Chicken to Kyaukpyu Adversely Effects Indigenous Chicken Husbandry

Those engaged in traditional poultry farming are facing difficulties due to the high influx of CP chicken into Kyaukpyu’s retail and wholesale markets, with some of them shutting down their businesses, indigenous chicken breeders said.
Some locals in Kyaukpyu Township are involved in family chicken farming on a manageable scale so that they earn a living and pay for education and health expenses. Starting in late 2015, the C.P Group based in Kyaukpyu invested in poultry farming and providing feedstuff, medicines, capital and an incubation process. As a result, CP chicken farming has grown in the villages.
“The entry of CP chicken resulted in the suspension of traditional chicken husbandry on a manageable scale. Indigenous chicken breeders are not able to turn to CP poultry farming due to a lack of technical know-how in husbandry and capital. If the company provides the locals with necessary assistance, we can change the business”, said U Tun Aung Kyaw who suspended his traditional chicken farming from Kyaukpyu.
The price of CP chicken ranges from Ks6,000 to Ks8,000 per head on the basis of the size. CP poultry farming has become widespread in the villages because CP chickens grow rapidly, allowing farmers to more easily earn a profit.
The price of traditionally raised chicken is between Ks8,000 to Ks12,000 per head. The stall in tradition chicken farming is attributed to the expensive price, the small number of consumers and the length of time it takes to raise a marketable chicken, it is learnt.—Myitmakha News agency


Source: Global New Light of Myanmar


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