Myanmar’s dried tea leaves to go to Germany

GERMANY pledged to purchase almost all the good-quality dried tea leaves produced from Shan State before Christmas, according to a spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry. The demand from the western European countries will help grow the presence of Myanmar’s products in the international market, exporters say.

Producing quality dried tea leaves is a top priority of the local manufacturers wishing to expand their businesses into global market. Under its small-and-medium enterprise development plan, the government has assisted in the manufacturing process by supporting modern drying machinery and related equipment to local firms.

The authorities provided about Ks10 million worth purifying machines to 10 villages. The machine can produce high-quality products to help local tea producers increase production and income. Tea leaves produced traditionally are sold for around Ks5,000 per viss, but the price is doubled for high-quality products produced by modern manufacturing machines.

In cooperation with relevant business organisations, the industry ministry continued its support for growers and producers in Pindaya, a town in Shan State, which is famous for its commercial tea plantations. Currently, about 30 villages in Pindaya can mass produce tea leaves with the use of modern equipment.

Source: The Global New Light of Myanmar

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