Transport Authority Warns of Dangerous Modifications to Oil Tankers

Oil tankers with illegally-modified tanks will be banned from registering with the Road Transport Administration Department (RTAD) under a new plan aimed at curbing the dangerous practice.

The new rules are designed to limit the number of owners undermining the safety of their trucks by stripping down the inside of their tanks to increase the amount of oil they can carry, the department said.

The modifications could be highly dangerous in the event of a crash given the tankers’ flammable cargo and the fact distribution routes often run through highly populated areas.

“Oil tankers have the potential to be very dangerous vehicles so any modifications made to the cap or body to increase storage is unacceptable for registration. Oil tankers are systematically produced in the automobile factories for a reason, which is why the department is stamping down on this,” U Tin Maung Swe, Deputy Director General of Road Transport Administration Department in Naypyitaw, told Myanmar Business Today.

The RTAD carefully scrutinises every detail of any oil tanker going through the registration process in line with its factory guidelines and only tankers with their original tanks will be approved for registration, he added.


Source: Myanmar Business Today

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