Fruit back on sale in Muse 105th Mile trade camp

The fruits which were transferred for trade to the China market due to the fights in Muse trade camp are being placed onto Muse trade camp starting from 11th December, according to Muse fruit depot.
Trading at Muse was suspended due to the fighting in Myanmar’s north-eastern Shan State and so, the fruits were traded at China market.

Trading at Muse 105th mile trade camp was resumed on 29th November, but fruit trading was back on sale at Muse on 11th December. The Chinese merchants and buyers have been already informed about the resumption of fruit sales on the Muse market on 11th December, said the merchants from Muse.

The fruits were sold at Ks3,000-3,700 Yuan per tonnes for various fruits whereas seedless fruits sold for 4,500-5,000 Yuan per tonne on 10th December at Wantain fruit market of China.

Currently, around 200 truckloads of watermelon and around 50 to 70 truckloads of muskmelons enter Muse and the fruit trade volume is expected to be on the rise since Chinese New Year is approaching.

Source: Global New Light of Myanmar

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