Great Hor Kham will invest in Nang Paw Hydropower project

The Great Hor Kham Public Company which was chosen to become one of the first six publicly listed companies in the Yangon Stock Exchange-YSX that opened in December 2015 is now aiming to invest over US$40 million in the Nang Paw Hydropower Project, according to the company’s report.

The 20-megawatt Nang Paw Hydropower Project will be implemented on the Nang Paw Creek near Mane Han old village, Saelant village tract in Muse Township.

The dam will be 54 metres high and construction will take about three years.

Currently, 5 per cent of construction tasks have been completed. The feasibility study on the Nang Paw Hydropower Project was carried out before Kunming Engineering Group of China and Great Hor Kham Company signed an agreement on implementation of the Nang Paw Hydropower project with the Shan State Government on October 7, 2014.

After signing the agreement, the company gave compensation of more than Ks400 million to the farmers who lost their farmland under the negotiation of District Land Compensation Securitising Team and Township Land Record Department.

Great Hor Kham was established in 2012 as a public company, led by managing director Sai Ohn Myint.

Sia Ohn Myint said that although company could not implement the vital investments until the end of the 2015-16 fiscal year, they made substantial profit from their main construction tasks such as basic infrastructures of Muse Central Economic Zone being implemented by New Star Light Construction Company,Nandaw Toll Gate of Shan State Government, construction of Migadar Pagoda, extension project of 105-mile fruit sale ground being constructed by North-east Door Company, and construction of the spillway of Shwe Li-3 Hydropower Project being implemented by the Hydropower Implementation Department under the Ministry of Electricity and Energy and construction of apartments in Muse Township.

Source: Eleven

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