About 600 private fuel stations seeking permits

Permits to open about 600 private fuel stations in Yangon are being sought, which could alleviate the paucity of petrol stations in the region.

There are currently 2,065 fuel stations across the country. but only about 150 fuel stations in Yangon because the land and real property values in Yangon are excessively high, entrepreneurs said. In addition, there is the necessity of a permit from the Yangon Region government.

Myanmar Petroleum Products Enterprise (MPPE), under the Ministry of Electric Power and Energy, grants permits for private fuel stations by relaxation so as to meet the fuel consumption, said an official from MPPE. Fuel stations in other regions and states except Yangon are allowed to open as soon as possible after scrutiny. Mandalay is at the top of the list with about 500 fuel stations, followed by Shan State with over 300 stations.

After privatisation of the fuel distribution, the number of fuel stations has grown. The prices of fuel oil per liter on 22nd Feb were Ks710 for diesel, Ks720 for Octane 92, Ks680 for Octane 95 and Ks730 for premium diesel in the Yangon market, according to a local fuel oil distributors association.

Source: Global New Light of Myanmar

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