Fishermen to Receive Training in Conservation, Technology in Japan


A group of Myanmar fishermen will be sent to Japan to receive training in new technologies and marine conservation as a part of a government pilot pro­ject, the Myanmar Fisher­ies Federation (MFF) has said.

“We plan on sending a batch of fishermen to Ja­pan. After coming back from training, they will share their technological know how and experienc­es to their colleagues in the Myanmar fishing industry,” said U Win Kya­ing, secretary of the MFF.

Reports on the wide­spread environmental damage to Myanmar’s marine ecosystems brought about by over­fishing and dynamite fish­ing have prompted calls for reform within the in­dustry.

Through their training in Japanese technology, the fishermen will learn how to conserve natural resources, said U Win Kyaing.

“Myanmar fishing prac­tices such as trailing nets on the ocean floor de­stroys the natural fishing resources,” said Daw Toe Nandar Tin, vice-chair­woman of MFF.

“Japan doesn’t use these destructive practices in their fishing industry.”

The training program is a joint undertaking between Japan’s Fish­ing Cooperation and the MFF, with 20 fishermen from Myanmar’s coastal regions being sent as part of the first round of train­ing.

The fishermen will un­dergo 14 months of train­ing, comprised of two months of classroom time and one year’s practical training, afterwards they will have to work for two years in Japanese fishing businesses, according to U Win Kyaing.

The training program marks the first time My­anmar fishermen will re­ceive training from Japan, while training between Japan and regional neigh­bours Indonesia and Viet­nam is already underway, according to the MFF


Source: Myanmar Business Today


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