Singapore Company Targets Off-Grid Rural Households With Affordable Solar Panels


The Singaporean so­lar power company SolarHome has in­troduced its products in Myanmar, targeting the sizeable portion of the country’s population that lives off-grid.

Under its Pay As You Go (PAYG) system, custom­ers don’t need to purchase their solar power system outright.

Instead they pay off the price in monthly instill­ments that are similar to their monthly expendi­ture on traditional energy sources, the company says.

“Our clean energy will better rural people’s life­styles and create work and educational oppor­tunities,” said Ted Mar­tynov, SolarHome’s CEO.

The company is backed by the developing mar­kets investment firm Fo­rum Capital.

SolarHome has intro­duced three solar prod­ucts to cater for My­anmar’s off-grid rural population including the the SunKing Home 60 – three lights powered by a single solar panel.

Decades of economic mismanagement under the military junta has left the country unprepared for the recent surge in de­mand for electricity, with less than 40 percent of the population able to draw power from the grid.

Cheap, fast and envi­ronmentally sustainable off-the-grid solar power is an effective way of bring­ing electricity to houses in Myanmar’s remote communities and is being touted as a key compo­nent to achieving the gov­ernment’s ambitious tar­get of 100 percent of the population having access to electricity by 2030.

SolarHome says that their products, when used as a substitute kerosene, commonly used as an off-the-grid household fuel, improves the health of households, reduces Co2 pollution and encourages social economic develop­ment in rural communi­ties.

SolarHome was found­ed in 2016, and is working with INGOs to promote clean energy in Myanmar, the Philippines, Cambo­dia, and Indonesia.


Source: Myanmar Business Today

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