Myanmar to resume teak production at limited volumes

Myanmar Forestry Authority has informed in the next fiscal year (2017-18 fiscal year), Myanmar will resume teak and hardwood production. Production targets are expected to reach 270,000 tons.

Logging was halted last year following excessive deforestation in previous years. The resumption of log harvesting in the next fiscal year under certain limit is aimed at preventing entrepreneurs engaged in the industry from suffering shortage of raw materials but the volume of extraction will be reduced at about 270,000 tons, of which Myanmar teak production will reach 1,274 tons, while the production target of hardwood will reach 269,727 tons.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation will make a sustained effort at reforestation and conservation in the forest across Myanmar, officials of the ministry said.

Three schemes are being laid down with the timber extractive industry with the first one being that timber production is allowed every two years to fulfill the requirement of raw materials for the value-added export products.

The second scheme allows timber production only for self-sufficiency, while the third one permits import of products substituting wood to fulfill the local requirement for raw materials.

In July 2016, Myanmar forestry authorities announced suspension of wood logging along Bago Yoma mountain range in the central part of the country.

The number of teak trees in Myanmar has gradually declined due to illegal logging. Statistics show that forest coverage in Myanmar decreased to 45 percent in 2015 from over 57 percent in 1990. However, the ministry is planning to replant teak in Bago mountain range in a bid to protect natural resources.

Myanmar is one of the most resource-rich countries in Southeast Asia covered by 38 percent mixed deciduous forests, 25 percent hills and temperate evergreen forests.

The logging volume of teak and hardwood in the fiscal year 2012-2013 reached 925,050 tons, according to figures.

Meanwhile, Myanmar government has restricted wood logs export to encourage more export of value added wood products since 2014.

Source: IHB

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