Billions to be Spent Developing Towns on Outskirts of Yangon


YANGON – Yangon regional government plans to spend about Ks 32 billion developing 12 Townships on the outskirts of the city’s municipal area, the Yangon Chief Minister has said.

Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein revealed the news in a video that detailed the Region Government’s work for the public.

“For development of the Yangon Region, we have tried to ensure smooth transportation access and that floods don’t occur flood in the backyard,” he said.

“Twelve Townships situated on the Yangon outskirts are least developed. That’s why we have targeted a budget of Ks 32 billion that to be used for development of the outskirts, as the Yangon Region’s special project,” Phyo Min Thein said.

“Although flooding has occurred all over Myanmar in previous years, we prevented Ngamoeyeik Creek from flooding, in the entrance of Yangon Region.

“So, flooding decreased in Hlegue and Dagomyothit Townships along the embankment of Ngamoeyeik Creek. But, Taikgyi and Hmabwe Townships suffered flooding because that came from the Ayeyawady River.

“We already plan to spend a budget of about Ks 8 billion to prevent flooding by Hlaing and Ayeyawady Rivers,” the Chief Minister added.

The electricity sector had played a vital role in attracting foreign investment, he said. So, they would work to generate more power as well as erecting the cables to distribute it.

Plus, staff from the Electric Power Enterprise had systematically cleared tangled wires at the houses and lamp-posts throughout the city.

Yangon Region Government had been working hard on many other issues as well in the year since it took office, he said.


Source: Eleven Myanmar

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