US to Give $150k of Equipment to Coffee Growers in Shan Township


The United States Agency for Inter­national Develop­ment (USAID) will offer $150,000 worth of equip­ment to help coffee culti­vators in southern Shan state, an industry official has said.

U Ye Myint, chairman of Myanmar Coffee Associa­tion (MCA), said the pro­gram will help growers in Ywar Ngan township.

“The United States is the only country helping My­anmar coffee cultivators,” he said. “With the help of USAID, Myanmar is able to penetrate US coffee market.”

American merchants visited Myanmar last month to sample the country’s coffee, accord­ing to Myanmar Coffee Association.

USAID has already giv­en $200,000 worth of cof­fee cultivating equipment to Myanmar growers in southern Shan state, U Ye Myint said.

The US embassy says on its Facebook page that Myanmar coffee from Shan State has sold for double the price it fetches in the local market after being shipped with help from USAID.

Myanmar coffee cul­tivators are expected to raise productivity and in­crease shipments to US in the coming years.

In 2016, 36 tons of Myanmar coffee were shipped to the US, while 18 tons was exported to Switzerland, according to the Myanmar Coffee As­sociation.

USAID is also provid­ing training in how to use a moisture indicator, raising productivity, and post-harvest techniques. The body aims to help in­crease output to 40 met­ric tons of Arabica coffee across 20 villages in Shan State.


Source: Myanmar Business Today


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