Number of Business Licenses Soaring


Yangon Mayor Maung Maung Soe said the number of business licenses issued by Yangon City Development Committee has reached over 43,000, at the Yangon region parliament yesterday.

He replied to the question raised by MP Aye Aye Mar representing Lanmadaw township constituency-1 over the number of small and medium-sized enterprises, the region government’s measures to ensure the sustainable development of SMEs and the empowerment of entrepreneurs, annual budget spending and assistance.

“We don’t differentiate between small and medium enterprises that are running in the Yangon municipal area. In accordance with the Yangon Municipal Law 2013, we have issued seven types of licenses based on the kinds of businesses. So far, the YCDC has granted 8,141 foodstuff licenses, 43,285 business licenses, 431 guesthouse licenses, 391 bordering house licenses, 91 private market licenses, 232 licenses with vehicles and 28 private theatre licenses,” he continued.

The government is working on the sustainable development of SMEs through a series of workshops and international aid. Between 2012 and 2017, both the SMEs Development Department and the Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection did not ask for any budget for SMEs. To date since 2012, INGOs have spent US$ 2.8 million and Euro 14.05 million on private sector development projects across the country, he said.


Source: Eleven myanmar

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