Education Services sector in Myanmar now open to foreign investment

In the list of Promoted Sector that Myanmar’s Department of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) announced on 1st April 2017 under MIC Notification No 13/2017 there is a category for Education Services, which list the following business activities:

  1. Private schools
  2. Schools which apply international curriculum
  3. Technology and vocational institutes
  4. Higher education services
  5. Sport education services
  6. Training for civil aviation
  7. Training and developing health service support human resources

As the above business activities are placed in the Promoted Sector they are open for foreign investment

The above activity will be eligible for tax exemption and leasing land for 50+10+10 year under the new Myanmar Investment Law.

Education is a highly lucrative sector in Myanmar due to 50 years of economic mismanagement and under-investment. Myanmar parents are willing to spend money to put their children in good private or international schools or to send them overseas for their education.The other sectors that the Myanmar government are trying to promote are:

  • labour intensive manufacturing that create jobs
  • construction of low cost housing; industrial zones; development of urban areas; etc
  • infrastructure business such as building of road, bridges, railway, power generation, sea ports, airports,etc

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