Myanmar Youth Need Digital Training for Tomorrow’s Job Market – Microsoft Boss

Myanmar must train a new digi­tally literate gen­eration to keep pace with its rapidly expanding IT sector, a senior manager at Microsoft has said.

Michelle Simmons, the software giant’s general manager for new markets in Southeast Asia, said it was a “key priority” for Myanmar to train pro­fessionals to enable the country’s “digital trans­formation.”

Speaking to the Oxford Business Group, a consul­tancy, she said Microsoft’s work in the Asia-Pacific re­gion had shown “it is clear that the youth face an op­portunity divide – a gap between those who have access to skills and training and those who do not.”

She added: “As Myanmar develops economically, the transition from education to employment will be one of the main obstacles fac­ing the youth, as too many young people in the region are failing to develop the right skills for today and tomorrow’s job market.”

Another top priority for Myanmar’s digital econo­my was developing infra­structure to support cloud computing, she said. Al­lowing companies to store large amounts of data on­line, rather than on their own servers, would help the country to “overcome deficiencies in basic in­frastructure develop­ment,” she said.

Microsoft recently launched its Office 365 cloud-based platform in Myanmar.

“With the cloud, emerg­ing economies can leap­frog the technology life cycle to adopt advanced technology, take advan­tage of the lower costs for building infrastruc­ture and access enterprise quality technology that will drastically increase productivity and agility,” Simmons added.


Source: Myanmar Business Today

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