Non-Transparent Contracts in Yangon Region to Be Reviewed

Yangon Region Legislative Assembly legislator Kyaw Zeya from Dagon constituency told Mizzima that the assembly would review and point out the non-transparency of contracts given through nepotism by citing an Auditor-General’s Report for Yangon Region.

“These agreements and contracts were made with companies. But these contracts and agreements are non-transparent and were signed without any tendering process,only through nepotism. These were done by the then government. We will review all these contracts and agreements. The contracts and agreements that need to be reviewed aren’t many but we must point the mout,” he said.

The assembly will focus primarily on agreements and contracts made by the then government in 2015-16 financial year based on Yangon Region Auditor General’s report submitted on March 24.

It is believed that the then government transferred these businesses due to nepotism during the transition period to the newly elected government.

Legislator Kyaw Zeya responded to reporters that he would discuss and urge the assembly to review a contract in which a one-acre plot was rented at the paltry rate of one million per month.

The assembly would point out the lesser rate in comparison to the market rate of ground rent to the executive branch, he added.


Source: The Mizzima

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