Cyber Security Survey Highlights Risks Facing Myanmar’s New Internet Users

Myanmar has come 22nd out of 44 Asian countries in a survey by Microsoft measuring na­tions’ vulnerability to cy­ber attacks.

The survey highlights the increasing vulner­ability of internet users in Myanmar, who remain relatively unaware of the risks of being online and how to protect themselves after the rapid expansion of internet services in re­cent years.

Astrid S. Tuminez, the US software giant’s re­gional director for South­east Asia, said: “We have been facing cyber attacks in different ways in both the government and the private sector.”

She added: “One prob­lem is that victims of hack­ing lack the skill to protect themselves from hackers. That is a big challenge. Myanmar’s internet pen­etration is expanding but there is a lack of cyber se­curity awareness.”

The survey, conducted by Microsoft’s digital crime unit, covered a 77- day period from January 1st to March 29th and included over 8.73 bil­lion connections from 44 countries.

As Myanmar’s telecom sector booms awareness and prevention are par­ticularly lacking when it comes to emerging tech services in the banking sector.

“Myanmar’s banking sector especially needs to have strong security be­cause many people lack trust in online banking services and local lenders. This is a barrier, not only banks but also for service providers,” said Ko Sai Wun, country manager for Microsoft Myanmar.

Microsoft Myanmar is planning to work together with Myanmar Book Aid & Preservation Founda­tion to raise awareness about internet safety and cyber security, especially for young girls between 16 and 24 years old.


Source: Myanmar Business Today

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