Huawei Tests 5G Technology, Eyes Potential Roll Out in Myanmar

Only a year after the arrival of 4G in Myanmar, Chinese mobile technology com­pany Huawei has revealed the roll out 5G technology could be on the horizon, according to a company executive.

Huawei is in the midst of testing its 5G wireless technology but will soon be ready to distribute 5G capable phones to the global market, which in­cludes Myanmar, said Da­vid Harmon, Vice Presi­dent of Huawei’s Global Public Affairs.

“Huawei produce elec­tronic devices but now it is working on new technolo­gy innovations, especially 5G wireless technology,” Harmon told an audience at the Seed For the Future event in Shenzhen, China late last month.

“If we see the develop­ment of the 4G and 4.5 G network in Myanmar, we will decide to roll out 5G technology. We have had good results so far in the tests of our 5G network,” Harmon told Myanmar Business Today.

Huawei is watching the development of 3G and 4G in Myanmar and hopes to provide assis­tance in the rollout of 4G, he added.

5G or 5th generation wireless systems will be the next standard of tel­ecommunication. It will enable faster data rates, higher latency, more con­nections, improved cov­erage and reduced drain on device batteries when compared to the current 4G standard.

Huawei is eying a 2020 roll out date for its 5G technology, which means data hungry locals will have a little wait before they can take advantage of 5G’s lightning fast speeds in Myanmar.

Recently, Huawei brought students from Thanlyin Technological University and the Uni­versity of Computer Stud­ies to company headquar­ters in China where they were provided with train­ing on information and communication technolo­gies and given the chance to learn about Chinese culture.


Source: Myanmar Business Today

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