Survey of Yangon’s Squatters Uses Fingerprint Scanning, Facial Recognition Technology

The Yangon regional government has surveyed tens of thousands of squatters using fingerprint scan­ners and facial recogni­tion technology as part of a resettlement plan to address the city’s housing crisis.

Surveyors have visited almost 80,000 house­holds across seven town­ships with the help of for­eign experts and NGOs, officials said.

But Colonel Tin Aung Tun, the regional minister for Security and Border Affairs, says the survey is not yet finished.

“We have completed 70.54 percent of the sur­vey,” he said. The survey,which started in Septem­ber last year, will be ex­panded soon to cover an­other five townships.

Colonel Tin Aung Tun added that the count may help to identify peo­ple who are not genuine squatters, but have moved to an area in the hope of duping the government into giving them cheap or free accommodation.

“After finishing the whole survey, we will double check with the scrutiny board because there may be some fake squatters. We will take action against them,” he said. Facial recognition and fingerprint technol­ogy.

To be deemed genuine squatters, participants in the survey have to have been living in their residences since before March 25th last year.


Source: Myanmar Business Today

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