Semeikhon Port, Mandalay – the Integrated Logistic Hub in upper Myanmar

Our client has established a river port in the upper reaches of the Ayeyarwady River that will open up logistics and distribution to upper Myanmar. Our client is looking for logistic service providers that is willing to work with them to grow the logistics and distribution business in upper Myanmar.


Mandalay Semeikhon Port (SMP) is located at approximately 80km South West of Mandalay city, by the starboard side of Ayerwaddy River. There are 381 acres of land under the port development plan which cover several projects including domestic river port, international port, diesel storage tank farm and jetty, passenger ferry terminal, resort and recreation area, light industries, warehouses, cold storage, empty container depot, logistic hub and cargo distribution centre. There are total of 1.5km long riverbank to be developed into port jetties.

The Port is located in the centre of Myanmar which is convenient for raw material and finished goods transportation to every delivery point via the inland river. With the strategic location close to the crossways of the Ayerwarddy and Chindwin Rivers, the Port also strives to be the distribution and trading hub for China and India corporations by connecting river transportation to Kelewa Port (close to the Indian border) and Bhamo Port (close to the Chinese border). Besides, the port also provide service for domestic trading platform like connect to Mandalay, Sagaing, Mingyan, Magway, Pakokku, Monywa, Shan state and others domestic jetties, other than serve as China and India cargo trading hub.

The Inland Water Transport Department, under the Ministry of Transport Myanmar, will develop 6 connectivity ports with Mandalay Semeikhon Port along Ayerwaddy River and Chindwin River in the coming years. The demand for cargo will increase in the next couple of years in line with the government’s efforts to promote inland water transport around the country. Mandalay Semeikhon Port (SMP) will be the main logistic hub in this region, and serve as the cargo interchange point for India – Myanmar – China.

Domestic Port

The first phase of the domestic port has been completed and is already in operation. It is equipped with a 50 ton floating crane, a multi-purpose RMG Crane and 10,000 sqm concrete storage yard for cargo storage. The port is able to handle different types of cargo including general, containerized and bulk cargo with a handling capacity up to 500 to 600 tons a day.

Mandalay Semeikhon Port is moving to be the main distribution centre and logistic hub by providing one stop service for cargo owners, factory operators and logistic companies. These includes cargo handling, cargo storage, cargo delivery and river barge chartering. Besides, negotiation with shipping line is ongoing to set up empty container depot in Mandalay Semeikhon Port.

Eighteen kilometres away from Mandalay Semeikhon port is Myotha Industrial Park City, where 11,404 acres of land cater for factories and industrial purposes. The Myanmar Investment committee has approved China Baoshan Investment Group to operate a part of the industrial park and expects 22 factories to be built in 2018, while the influx of factory operators to Myotha Industrial Park is confirmed.

Two feedmill factories also operate in the industrial park. This includes JAPFA Feedmill Factory and Deheus Feedmills. Cargo activities in Semeikhon Port, Mandalay look set to increase in the coming years.

With the Joint Venture with International Finance Corporation (IFC) and MMID, Mandalay Semeikhon Port will progress faster in the development. The port welcomes local and international corporations to participate in the port development projects including Passenger Ferry Terminal, Resort and Recreation area, Warehouses, Logistic Hub, Light Industries, Diesel storage tank farm and jetties.

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Source: MSMP International

50 ton multi-purpose pontoon crane ready for operation

50 ton multi-purpose pontoon crane ready for operation

SMP port handling general cargo discharging.

50 ton dual function RMG to handle cargo storage in SMP

50 ton dual function RMG to handle cargo storage in SMP

5m3 Bulk cargo grapple ready to handle bulk cargo such as coal, bean, iron ore and gravel.

5m3 Bulk cargo grapple ready to handle bulk cargo such as coal, bean, iron ore and gravel.

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