Tender selection for Lanthit Public Housing

Lanthit Public Housing, which is more than five decades old, will close its call for tender next week, according to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Construction’s Urban and Housing Development Department.

In Yangon, there are 11 public housing built by the government in 1958 and they are very old. The former government started the plan to rebuild and replace those buildings with high-rise upgraded ones. There are now two rebuilt, 51 Public Housing and Link Lan Public Housing.

For the third project, Lanthit Public Housing, the government has called for tender since September 2016, seeking bids for the project. Five companies have applied and three were selected as part of the preliminary plan, said Daw Mi Mi Tin, director of Department of Urban and Housing Development.

“Lanthi has completed its first step in tender selection.

“The final step, to make a final decision, would be made by the Ministry of Construction’s Urban and Housing Development Department and the Yangon Region government.

“We hope to finish the process next week and the project will start this year,” she told The Myanmar Times.

The selected firm is going to be responsible for both the design and construction of 24 and 28-storey buildings. The project will include apartments units, office spaces and public areas.

“With the Lanthit rebuilding project, we don’t want to build many apartment rooms so we have to build more public areas. There will be a small YBS terminal and a small office area. So there will be two parts: a housing area and a public area,” she added.

After the Lanthit tender selection process, the department’s next project will be Za Wa Na’s public housing in Thingyangyun township. The township is the priority of the Yangon regional government.

“We have a plan to rebuild and upgrade all public housing in Yangon, so now there are three housings that will be done after the Lanthit project.

“The next plan is in Za Wa Na in Thingyangun township, according to the Yangon Region government’s priority,” said Daw Mi Mi Tin.

Source: Myanmar Times

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