Yangon Authorities Ready Sale of 200 Discounted Buses for School Services

The Yangon government will sell 200 buses to those wanting to run school bus services. The purchasers can buy the buses with the help of bank loans if required, Nilar Kyaw, the minister for electric power, industries and transport of the Yangon Region Government, told a meeting on the plan. Daw Kyi Pyar, a regional parliament MP, quoted Nilar Kyaw as making the offer.

Kyi Pyar said: “The Yangon Region Government has already bought 200 school buses. Buyers of the buses will be exempt from paying taxes on the transaction. Under the government to government plan, the school buses are being provided cheaply. If necessary, the Yangon Region Government will arrange for the purchasers to buy the buses with the help of bank loans.

“Those currently running school services with cars must submit their plans to the Yangon Region Transport Authority if they wish to continue with this business in the coming school year.”

Yangon Region Government held a meeting on school bus services on May 12.

The government bought the 200 school buses with the purpose of using them for 26 schools, But for now, the buses will be used for 22 schools. The buses will arrive this month.

A school bus costs US$40,000 if bought from a showroom, but the government is selling them for about US$30,000 each. School bus fees range from K20,000 to K40,000 a month depending on the distance.


Source: Eleven Myanmar

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